Toni hoffmans act of whistleblowing was morally justified

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Task: Read the information contained in the links below about Toni Hoffman, the senior nurse in charge at the Queensland hospital where Dr Jayant Patel worked.

Toni Hoffman spent 2 years trying to warn authorities about the malpractice of Dr Jayant Patel during the years he worked at the hospital.

1. Using Bowie's theory assess whether Toni Hoffman's act of Whistleblowing was morally justified?

2. Will the most recent whistle-blower legislation for public officials (Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013) be sufficient in protecting whistleblowers? Or does business ethics need to be institutionalised within an organisations culture?

3. Critically discuss the following statement:

"Legislation and changes in corporate culture can reduce the personal sacrifices that whistleblowers must make" (Shaw, Barry, Issa, Catley 2013:459)

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Reference no: EM13735657

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