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Choose 4 well-developed and professional documents to create from the list below. Use the Company Patagonia. http://www.patagonia.com/us/home. Please make each of the 3 at least a page long, double spaced. 

Appendices: Include a minimum of 3 well-developed and professional documents. Appendices often include information that is somewhat confidential, detail-oriented, and/or tends to change often. Some examples include: Action Planning:This specifies objectives, responsibilities, and timelines for completion of objectives.
Description of Strategic Planning Process Used:This describes the process used to develop the plan, who was involved, the number of meetings, any major lessons learned to improve planning, etc.
Strategic Analysis Data: This includes information generated during the external analysis (e.g., environmental scan) and internal analysis (e.g., SWOT analysis). It also includes a list of strategic issues identified during these analyses.
Goals for Board and Chief Executive Officer:Goals of the board and CEO must be directly aligned with goals identified during strategic planning. This appendix will list goals for the board and can also include recommendations for redesigning board committees associated with strategic goals. These can be used (along with the CEO job description) to form the basis for performance evaluations of the CEO.
Budget Planning:This depicts both the resources as well as the required funding for obtaining and using the resources needed to achieve the strategic goals. Budgets are often depicted for each term of the year of the strategic plan.
Operating Plan:This describes the major goals and activities to be accomplished over the coming fiscal year.
Financial Reports: These include last year's budget (with estimated expenses and the actual amounts spent), this year's current budget (again, with estimated amounts and actual amounts spent), a balance sheet (or, in the case of a nonprofit organization, a statement of financial position), an income statement (or, in the case of a nonprofit organization, a statement of financial activities), etc.
Monitoring and Evaluation of Plan:This includes criteria for monitoring and evaluating as well as the responsibilities and frequencies of monitoring the implementation of the plan.
Communication of Plan: This describes the actions that will be taken to communicate the plan and/or portions of it and describes to whom the plan will be communicated.

Reference no: EM13903748

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