Time value of money and its importance

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Answer the following; minimum 250 words, 2 references, no format required.

1. Discuss time value of money and its importance. Explain the relationship of discounting and compounding. Suppose you were considering depositing your savings in one of three banks, all of which pay 5 percent interest; bank A compounds annually, bank B compounds semiannually, and bank C compounds daily. Which bank would you choose? Why?

2. Discuss investor's required rate of return, and how the riskiness of an asset is measured and interpreted. Assess how diversifying investments would affect the riskiness and expected rate of return of a portfolio or combination of assets. Discuss unsystematic risk, systematic risk, characteristic line, beta, portfolio beta, and asset allocation.

Reference no: EM13751517

Ad communicates the product to the consumer

Figure: Singapore Airlines Ad Questions Answer all of the following questions in a 2-3 page paper as they relate to the impact of the ad on consumers from different cultures

Did these infusions disrupt the normal cost of capital

Discuss the effects on the "Weighted Average Cost of Capital" for the firms that received these capital infusions. Did these infusions disrupt the normal cost of capital for

Determine the dol and dfl

Venture Corporation manufactures and sells headphones to airline and other passenger transportation companies. Each headphone sells for $5.50, and year sales are expected to b

Identify a credit union in your area of residence

Identify a credit union in your area of residence that you may be eligible to use. If one is not available in your locality, you may choose one available online. State the e

Determine the percentage of the nikkei return that your firm

Determine the percentage of the Nikkei return that your firm should offer to cover its costs. Your firm would then set the percentage offered at less than this. If your firm

What is the effective or equivalent

paying in 65 days and thus becoming 35 days past due - without a penalty because its suppliers currently have excess capacity. What is the effective, or equivalent, annual

Produce the same after-tax cash inflows

Green Landscaping's cost of capital is 12.26 percent. What is the NPV of a project if the initial costs are $1,345,240 and the project life is estimated as 12 years? The pro

Would the expected return of the portfolio rise or fall

Calculate (a) the expected return and (b) the volatility (standard deviation) of a portfolio that consists of a long position of $10,000 in Johnson & Johnson and a short posit


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