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Since a nop instruction is implemented as sll $0,$0,0 and register $0 can't be written (i.e., it is read only), can the nop instruction ever take more than 5 cycles to go through our 5-stage MIPS pipeline? Explain your answer.

Reference no: EM131260269

Write a method that does a reverse lookup

Write a program that stores names and phone numbers from a text file in a dictionary, with the name being the key. Write a method that does a reverse lookup, that is, finds

Write a pseudocode statement

Write a pseudocode statement that subtracts the variable downPayment from the variable total and assigns the result to the variable due. Don't use integer as decimal places

Local fitness center health fitness gym

You are a sales representative at the local fitness center health & fitness gym. Your manager expects each representative to track weekly new membership data so you creat

Which companies and colleges have installed this software

How does the software monitor current energy use and then measure the organization's carbon footprint? How often are the intervals set to take readings and then evaluate the

Pareto efficiency or domination

For each statement give 2x2 matrix that shows it is false. (I'd start by looking at the games I put up in class, Prisoner's Dilemma, Battle of the Sexes, World's Dumbest Game,

Find out more about unified communications and its costs

What factors should be considered? What are the key decisions that must be made in determining whether to adopt this technology? Use the web, if necessary, to find out more

Sample the dribbling to extract its frequency

Consider a basketball being dribbled. If the height of the basketball can be described by a sine wave of maximum height 2h, average height h and minimum height 0, and the ball

Cloud computing and ip collapse

Cloud computing and IP Collapse. The use of cloud computing seems to be growing. Companies must be much more sensitive to their intellectual property (IP) assets in those si


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