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Textbook figure 7.2 depicts the three basic approaches for competing internationally. The textbook describes these three different approaches along with the accompanying concepts and individualized strategies that typify those approaches (see also Table 7.1). In this forum, you need to locate two scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal sources that investigate any one of these international strategies-either using the same company in both articles, or selecting two different companies, one in each article. However, both articles must be associated with the same approach to competing internationally. Tell why the approach used is the best of the three approaches for the company (or companies) involved in international business. Again, you may either use two articles about the same company, or two different companies-just make sure they fall in the same approach to competing internationally. Remember to use only scholarly articles (minimum two). However, three total scholarly sources are required with your post, so you may utilize your textbook as needed to support your informed assertions. (SUGGESTION: As you read about these three international strategies in the textbook, there is mention of companies that use these strategies. You can save yourself the headache of figuring out a company (or companies) to examine by selecting from companies that are already associated with a given strategy as specified in the text.)



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Reference no: EM13745496

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