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1. The local school board wants to change the high school’s schedule to be more consistent with the sleep patterns of adolescents. What is their proposal?
a. require practice for sports and music to be held in the early morning
b. start high school classes one hour earlier
c. increase the time allowed between classes without being tardy
d. start high school classes one hour later

2. The ____ theory suggests that sleep evolved because it prevented energy waste and minimized exposure to dangers.
a. repair
b. adaptive
c. activation-synthesis
d. Freudian

3. Which theory of dreams believes that we dream as a result of threatening wishes and desires being changed into harmless symbols?
a. the activation-synthesis theory
b. Freud’s theory of dreams
c. the extension of waking life theory
d. spiritual world theory

4. Which theory of dream interpretation emphasizes that dreams are related to the same thoughts, problems and emotions that we experience when awake?
a. Freud’s theory of dreams
b. extensions of waking life
c. activation-synthesis
d. spiritual world

5. Dr. Van Winkle claims that dreams are nothing more than random activity in the brain. He believes in which theory of dreams?
a. Freudian
b. restorative
c. activation-synthesis
d. behavioral

6. Threat stimulation theory argues that:
a. REM allows us to organize our memories
b. dreaming gives us a change to prepare for dangerous situations
c. dreams are random and meaningless
d. dreams represent our most deepest, unconscious desires

7. The typical dream is likely to include themes or characteristics of:
a. sexual encounters, black and white, and take place outside
b. recurrent themes of being threatened and our intentions
c. several characters, visual sensations, and motion-like walking
d. one character, pain sensations, and joy

Reference no: EM13497611

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