Thousands of veterans across american

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Cochise College celebrated it's 51st Graduation earlier this month. The campus was packed with families and friends.

It reminded me how many people are influenced by our students and teachers.

The great physicist Sir Isaac Newton has a law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. As a sociologist, I have a human version of that theory: For every good deed, the impact on others is immeasurable.

Just earlier this month we found out that Sierra Vista will be home to a new Veterans Business Outreach Center this center was given to Cochise College in conjunction with a 250,000 grant that will help maintain the center.

These centers have already helped thousands of veterans across American, and this new outreach center is sure to help many more thousands right here in our own community and beyond.

I am pleased that Cochise County will be able to watch this the ripple effect change lives as we continue to educate the lives in the future to come.

In other news, the Apache Rodeo finished up their regionals and have claimed their spot at nationals this June.

Five Cochise College players signed to play D1 baseball teams next season.

And our new agriculture team recognized their fellow student for winning some huge award.

Until Next month.

Reference no: EM131069404

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