Think through what is in the book from beginning to end

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Book Summary THE NEW JIM CROW Book by Michelle Alexander

Goodreads4.5/5Amazon2.1/5The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness is a book by Michelle Alexander, a civil ri...

Guidelines for Writing a Book Summary

Briefly tell what the book is about. Think through what is in the book from beginning to end, and write a few sentences about the major events or topics. What was unique or compelling? Those are most likely the important points that should be included in a summary.

Do not include everything. Strive for clear, succinct descriptions, and focus on keeping it short. Including too much information goes against the entire concept of summarizing.

Add your own thoughts. What did you think about the events or subject matter?

Finish with a concluding thought about the book as a whole. Would you recommend it (or not recommend it) to others?

Four page minimum

Reference page in APA format

Title page:

Topic of Book

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Reference no: EM132280460

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