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Q1. Think about photography business idea, how would you obtain customers? Specifically, what would you do to generate inquires (people calling/emailing/texting you)? Is there a different marketing approach you’d use than generating inquires for you to follow up; if so, explain what it is? What would be the cost (specifically, make an estimate of response rate, total cost of the adverting/social media/publicity, and based on that the cost per inquiry).

Q2: What would the message in your adverting/social media/publicity say?

Q3. How do you actually implement that adverting/social media/publicity; (1) if it’s advertising what are the ad units and how many would you buy, where placed, timing, (2) if social media, what would be the “content” (the reason someone would notice your message), where would you place it, (3) if publicity, what would be the “content” (the reason the media will run your message), where would you place it?

Reference no: EM131430411

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