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Think about a leader (a role model for you or someone you despise) and describe who they are and what they are the leader of. Preferably a well know person.

Then, whether you like them or not, explain what you might do different to initiate change in the organization they lead – whether it is a company or a political leader.

Reference no: EM131027719

Present-future leaders in our current-future work spheres

What does the information we have examined to date mean to us as learners and present/future leaders in our current/future work spheres? Why might a skills and trait assessmen

Anything to prevent groupthink among its development teams

To what extent are Wooga’s teams subject to group-think? Does the company do anything to prevent groupthink among its development teams? In book Management A Practical Introdu

Diamond framework for national competitiveness

Using Porter's diamond framework for national competitiveness, discuss the success of the software industry in India. How do the four factors in Porter's diamond explain the s

Using probability analysis-decision tree model

A General Manger of Harley-Davidson has to decide on the size of a new facility. The GM has narrowed the choices to two: large facility or small facility. The company has coll

Returning from texas-he traveled on a florida highway

John lived in Georgia. Returning from Texas, he traveled on a Florida highway. He struck a vehicle driven by a Bill, a Florida resident on his way to the Gulf Coast section of

Confrontational and intimidating management style

In this case, the board of directors for Crude Oil has brought in a new manager, Jim, to revamp the company and increase sales. Jim’s confrontational and intimidating manageme

Discuss from where various innovation types emanate

From a general perspective, explain and discuss from where various innovation types emanate in organizations and identify the types of innovations that various organizational

True regarding mediation

Which of the following is true regarding mediation? a. a mediator often meets with both parties at the same time, b. A settlement agreement is never reached with a mediator. c


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