Theory of creep and viscoplasticity

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Your proposal should include your research objective -what is it that you are going to research. You need an introductory chapter describing your research strategy and why you have chosen to research this subject. You need to review the theories, or calculation relating to your topic and make sure you are aware of what research has been done. Principles associated with the theory of Creep and Viscoplasticity need to be identified and your understanding of these principles. Graphs, tables, calculation etc should be included for better illustration.

Reference no: EM13938610

Calculate the heat transfer area required

The total evaporation is to be 25000 kg/hr of water. Calculate the heat transfer area required and the steam consumption in kg/hr if overall heat transfer coefficient is 280

How tall is the skyscraper

show that for isothermal atmosphere P2/P1 = e^-(g/RT)(x2-x1). The pressure at the base of a skyscraper is 14.7 psi and at the top of the skyscraper is 14.4 psia. the tempera

Write the normal equations for this case

Are the values of ak from part (c) what you would expect for this signal? Justify your answer clearly. (f) Suppose you wish to model the signal now with p = 3. Write the nor

Select a process variable

Select a process variable (pressure / temperature / level / flow) and conduct a literature survey to determine recent developments in process instrumentation field. Identify a

Calculate the safe working pressure of the pipe

The tank is blanketed with nitrogen and the pressure above the liquid surface is held constant at 0.1 bar gauge pressure. The minimum depth of liquid in the tank is 1 m.

Compute the mean and variance

Compute the mean and variance for each of the following activities: Activit y A B C D E F G H I J Optimisti c 5 3 18 9 8 1 45 12 7 22 Pessimisti c 10 21 32 11 8 10 95 15 11 80

Obtain the heat of vaporization of steam at 30 bar

1 kg of liquid water, initially at 40 °C, 2 bar, is heated under constant pressure. If the amount of heat added is 1200 kJ, determine the final temperature and the phase of

Design a hydro cyclone system to handle

A recovery of 95% of particles greater than 100 μm is required. The minimum operating temperature will be 10 °C and the maximum 30 °C. Design a hydro cyclone system to handl


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