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1. Imagine that a company is entering foreign markets for the first time with a new product. Explain how that company would act and react using the "calm waters" metaphor and the "white water rapids" metaphor. Under what conditions would each be successful?
2. You have an employee that appears willing to do whatever is necessary to rise to the top of the organization. She also continually dominates team discussions and according to many who work with her appears to think quite a bit of her own talents. What personality forces are at work and how might they impact organizational goals? As her manager, how do you harness her efforts for the company's good?
3. Would a self-managed, cross-functional, or problem-solving team be best for dealing with i) a crisis, ii) researching the next generation product, or iii) developing the five-year strategy for a School of Business? Explain each.
4. My boss believes that, "money talks and everything else walks." She constantly states that "praising an employee's work, listening to their concerns, and making them feel like they are part of a team that has accomplished something positive is useless without money." How would you respond to her statements based on the concept of Equity Theory? Also, how would you respond to her based on the concepts of the Two-Factor Theory? Explain why you agree or disagree with her statements.
5. What are the primary differences between Contingency Theories of leadership and the concept of the Managerial Grid? Which theory applies to leadership in the military, civil service, and a cutting-edge small technology firm? Explain.

Reference no: EM13101126

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