Theories of determinism-john calvin-hegel-sigmund freud

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1. Theories of Determinism: Isaac Newton
a. Universal causation
b. Choice
c. Behaviorism
d. Indeterminism
e. Economic

2. Theories of Determinism: Hegel
a. Universal causation
b. Biological
c. Historical
d. Indeterminism
e. Religious

3. Theories of Determinism: Karl Marx
a. Economic
b. Psychological
c. Choice
d. Behaviorism
e. Indeterminism

4. Theories of Determinism: Sigmund Freud
a. Behaviorism
b. Universal causation
c. Economic
d. Indeterminism
e. Psychological

5. Theories of Determinism: Williams James
a. Religious
b. Universal causation
c. Indeterminism
d. Economic
e. Historical

6. Theories of Determinism: B.F. Skinner
a. Psychological
b. Behaviorism
c. Choice
d. Religious
e. Historical

7. Theories of Determinism: J.P. Sartre
a. Choice
b. Indeterminism
c. Historical
d. Economic
e. Religious

8. Theories of Determinism: John Calvin
a. Universal causation
b. Psychological
c. Historical
d. Religious
e. Choice

9. If at least some acts can be said to originate from human beings, the language of moral responsibility is meaningful
a. Fatalism
b. Soft determinism
c. Hard determinism
d. Materialism

10. Theodicy:
a. A belief that “God’s Will” should determine ethical behavior
b. The paradox-or “problem of evil”
c. The belief that religion should not be part of a secular society’s ethical decisions
d. The doctrine of predestination.

Reference no: EM13523092

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