The wireless lan technology had a profound impact

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The wireless LAN technology (IEEE802.11x standards) has had a profound impact in short-range communications. Other wireless technologies, particularly Bluetooth, Zigbee, IrDA, RFID and NFC offer shorter-range communication services for various types of environments.

Reference no: EM13757660

Computing smallest window size to optimize the throughput

Consider error-free 256 kbps satellite channel used to send 1024-byte data frames. What is smallest window size that is large enough to optimize the throughput?

Business processes ultimately drive type of cable media

Business processes and needs ultimately drive the type of cable media and hardware you select. What factors might determine how we select which ones are appropriate for ou

Write rule sets for two firewalls to permit traffic to flow

Computers on three internal subnets use dynamic NAT pools as follows when making connections to internet. Write down two rule sets for two firewalls which will permit only tra

Describe the concepts of filters pipes and redirection

Describe the concepts of filters, pipes, and redirection and explain how and what the following commands are trying to accomplish (if some commands are not yet familiar, you

Analysis for network reconfiguration

EN3701 ASSIGNMENTS - Distribution systems are extensive and complex and so they are difficult to monitor, control, analyse and manage - Electricity distribution networks conne

Calculate the total number of addresses in this block

COIT20261 Network Routing and Switching Assignment. ABEC Pty Ltd (a public company) has been granted a block of addresses starting with the address Calculate

Importance of communication protocols

Question 1: Explain the importance of communication protocols. Question 2: Identify the protocols in your design and provide rationale for your decision. Question 3: Define th

State one reason why they need an isp

State one advantage of using a wireless connection compared to a cables connection. They now decide to connect their three compers to the internet. State one reason why they n


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