The vendor visits the store every three weeks to take orders

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Alpha Snacks (AS) uses a periodic review inventory policy in ordering chocolate-multi-grain snack bars. The vendor visits the store every three weeks to take orders[ lead time for shipments is three days. The daily demand of the snack bars is normally distributed with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10. The vendor is due to visit the store to-day and AS has to prepare order for their next shipment. Currently, there are 180 of these snack bars in stock, how many snack bars should AS order. AS has a service policy of 99%

Reference no: EM1389711

Developing competitive advantages

Describe ways that Apple can match its strengths to its opportunities to create capabilities in serving customers' needs. Are these capabilities and competitive advantages gro

Problem on naive forecast method

Channeling to other resources take an average of three minutes per call and varies exponentially - naïve forecast method and Predict visits for January, using a three-period m

Implementing just-in-time system

Webster Manufacturing Inc. is implementing a Just-in-Time (JIT) system and wants to know how many Kanbans to use for the initial setup of its JIT system. The daily demand is 4

Leased an apartment

Adams leased an apartment to Baker for $600 a month, payable the last day of each month. The term of the written lease was from January 1, 2011, through April 30, 2012. On Mar

Employees regarding alternative work arrangements

How can employees benefit from alternative work arrangements?  Why? What are some of the possible negative outcomes for employers and/or employees regarding alternative work a

What is the appropriate reorder point quantity

A newspaper publisher uses roughly 890 feet of baling wire each day to secure bundles of newspapers while they are being distributed to carriers. The paper is published Monday

Capital requirement for the company and break-even point

A pop-up agency for the art industryin London. A platform where artist studios and emerging galleries can be temporarily rented by other players in the field seeking exposure.

New component having statistically identical properties

A component in a system is placed into service, where it operates until its failure, whereupon it is replaced at the end of the period with a new component having statisticall


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