The various areas of human resources or personnel management

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Explain and describe the various areas of Human Resources or Personnel Management including:

Employment: recruiting, selecting, screening and appraising.

Training: improving employee skills and preparation.

Health: ensuring good health of employees.

Safety: safe working conditions and practices.

Benefits: administering fringe benefits, insurance and related.

Services: programs designed to meet employee needs.

Labor relations: contract administration, negotiation and grievance.

Wage and salary: employee payment program.

Provide an example of a pre-employment application. What are three questions you feel you must ask in the application and what are three things you cannot legally ask?

Describe an employee training program for a typical production plant making whatever product you choose. Will you have in-house, external or an apprentice program? Who will conduct these and where will they be held? Who will pay for the training?

Will you have a pre-employment physical? Why or why not?

Will you require a drug test? Why or why not? What are the ramifications of pre-employment drug screening?

Develop a brief safety program, outlining responsibilities and objectives.

Fringe benefits can be considered overhead which add to the cost of production. Why offer fringe benefits? What are the advantages and disadvantages of offering these benefits?

Reference no: EM132233885

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