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After viewing "The Universe: Alien Galaxies" and the Unit Five PowerPoint presentations on the Milky Way Galaxies, Galaxies, and Active Galaxies; please post your opinion on how our galaxy was formed. Please included general galaxy formation and how our galaxy is related to active galaxies. Please use a correctly spelled and grammatically correct three paragraphs of six to eight sentences.

Reference no: EM13798923

Reflects the views of which sociological perspective

The statement, "Attempts to create bilingualism in the United States represent subordinate language minorities seeking opportunities of self-expression," reflects the views

Estimate organization financial performance-financial ratios

Estimate your organization's financial performance during past 2 years, by using financial ratios. Compute the ratios for each year: Current.

Poor nutrition is a prevalent issue

As the school nurse role continues to evolve, there are increasingly more health concerns for the school nurse. Does the locale make a difference in the problems, or are healt

Application of kinesics

Explain an intercultural transaction in which you have participated in which one or more parties demonstrated an application of kinesics (nonlinguistic body motions such as

Write an essay paper about sexual assaults

Write an essay paper about Sexual Assaults. It is unethical for the military to not address Sexual assault in the military, it is a war that has to be won in the hearts and

Essay about explain the concept of learned helplessness

350 word essay about, Explain the concept of learned helplessness. How does it develop? How do people who have learned to be helpless differ from those who haven't learned

Identifies any persuaders in beckwith''s paper

Identifies any persuaders in Beckwith's paper, and explains why he includes the two hypothetical scenarios i.e. your father in a coma, a scientist altering the unborn's brai

Why revolutionary americans people in world to slavery

Why were Revolutionary Americans (1750-1815) among first people in world to condemn slavery? Why were they still not able to completely destroy it?


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