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After viewing "The Universe: Alien Galaxies" and the Unit Five PowerPoint presentations on the Milky Way Galaxies, Galaxies, and Active Galaxies; please post your opinion on how our galaxy was formed. Please included general galaxy formation and how our galaxy is related to active galaxies. Please use a correctly spelled and grammatically correct three paragraphs of six to eight sentences.

Reference no: EM13798923

Use of the monocular depth cue

Timothy was painting a picture of a jet on a runway; however in his painting the sides of the runway are parallel to each other. Timothy's picture will seem to lack depth be

What building block have you used to communicate with people

COM-315: What building blocks have you used to communicate with people from different cultures? Were these building blocks effective? If so, what made them effective? If not

Selection of proper seller is critical to success of project

The selection of a proper seller is critical to the success of a project. All of the below would be considered good selection criteria for a buyer to use to select a seller, e

Ordinary language the concept of gender as structure

If you had to summarize in ordinary language the concept of "gender as structure," what would you say? (How would you explain "gender as a social institution" to a relative

Consider a star whose surface temperature

Consider a star whose surface temperature is only 3000 Kelvin. Draw an illustration of the relationship between this star's intensity and its colour. The y-axis should be inte

Find the work done by the ant by pulling the piece

If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the piece of fruit and the 23.4° sloped hill is 0.500, calculate the work done by the ant by pulling the piece of fruit up the

How would you feel coming out of plato cave

What I want you to think about is how what we KNOW is created by our EXPERIENCES. Think here about how hard it is to learn new perspectives and beliefs. How would you feel c

Identify the mission and vision statement

Find an organization related to your health care discipline and identify the mission and vision statement. Based on your experiences as a member of the health care team, exp


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