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The two sides of the debate are the opponents, who are the religious who feel that it is only God that can decide when to end somebody’s life and the disability rights groups whose concerns are of the potential for abuse and coercion. The disability community seems to have mixed emotions about the ruling; some people reported feeling liberated while others express feelings of dread. This may be because assisted suicide has huge implications for people with disabilities. The fear of being a financial burden to the family and they are pressured into the choice of ending their life instead of pursuing more expensive life sustaining treatment. The opponents are the religious groups and the disability right groups, while the proponents are patients who have six months or less to live who are near death after weeks of unbearable or intolerable. In my own opinion, we humans can not just decide when to end our life, but in exceptional cases the individual if in the right mind and state should be able to decide what he or she wants. The “right to die’’ includes, the right of privacy to the rights to refuse treatment, but in a case between Washington Vs Gluck berg , the court stated that the liberty interest protected by the constitution does not include a right to commit suicide with or without assistance. I believe if a person is suffering and is in unbearable or intolerable pain should be give an option as long as they are capable of making the decision.

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Reference no: EM131232509

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