The three reasons as to why rhetoric is important

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The three reasons as to why rhetoric is important: because it is necessary to a vital democracy, it helps people seek justice, and it helps people clarify their own ideas and beliefs. Which of these three reasons do you believe is the most important one? Why? Explain your selection using logos (rationality and reasoning.)

Reference no: EM13326037

Some studies to be labeled controversial

What are some characteristics that can cause some studies to be labeled controversial? Give an example of such a study and relate it to the characteristics you have identified

Function for accepting tuition payment from students

The use-case diagram shown in Figure A-1 captures the Student billing function but does not contain any function for accepting tuition payment from students. Revise the diagra

Environmental management system

The development of an Environmental Management System is little more than a paper exercise that has little real influence on the environmental behavior of an organization bu

Government influences the creation of american policies

Examine three to five factors that have allowed the concept of federalism to shape American political behavior. Discuss at least two factors that illustrate how the relationsh

Difference between the stark law and the anti kickback law

What is the difference between the Stark Law and the Anti Kickback Law? Give at least two references from peer reviewed journals or articles. Should be at least a page long

Different stages in the tourism area life cycle

Critically review the different stages in the Tourism Area Life Cycle How far the Tourism Area Life Cycle can be used as a basis for developing tourism destination policy

Fourth world peoples

Critically discuss 'fourth world peoples'? What about 1st, 2nd or 3rd world peoples/nations? How are they linked to LDC's (low develop countries) and MDC's (more developed c

Why is python a great starter language

Why was BASIC good in the past? Why have we moved to Python? Feature-by-feature, how powerful is BASIC vs. Python? Which language of the two do you feel would be more valuable


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