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1. the term psychophysics refers to :

a) study of the relationship between readings scales and readings on measures of physiological processes ( blood pressure, heart rate )

b) study of the effects of physical variables ( atmospheric pressure gravity, light intensity, on behavior.

c) study of physiology psychology in all its manifestations

d) study of the relationships between the prophets of stimuli as measured on a physical scale, and the psychological or subjective of those stimuli.

2)Thresholds are typically define as :

a) that minimal or maximal (for upper thresholds) stimulus intensity that is detected 50% of the time.

b) the initial appearance in consciousness of any given phenomenon

c) the theoretical  doorkeeper between the unconscious and consciousness

d) mere awareness s opposed to an interpretive cognition.

3) Elements of psychophysics, a classic in psychology, was written by:

a) Ernst Heinrich Weber.

b) Hermann von Helmholtz

c) Rudolph Hermann lotze

d) Gustav Theodor Fechner


4) You wish to measure brightness discrimination. Your subject views a standard light source and attempts the standard by turning a knob that controls the brightness of a comparison stimulus. You use an ascending and descending series. You are using the method of:

a) average error

b) limits

c) constant or intervals.


5) the formal beginning of experimental psychology are generally traced to the year when ______

a) 1834; weber published his work on the sense of touch

b)1879; Wundt established a laboratory at Leipzig

c) 1882: lotze published his outlines of psychology

d) 1873; Wundt published volume ! of his classic principles of physiological psychology


6) Wundt's broad interest were evident in his 10-volume work:

a) Volkerpsychologie

b) elements of psychophysics

c)principles of psychology

d) handbook of physiological optics


7) in terms of his mind-body position, Wundt's position is most similar to that embraced by: 

a) descartes

b) Leibniz

c)la metrie

d) Spinoza


8. ______was one of the first to conduct experiments on the issues of task perseveration.
a) Franz Brentano

b) Edward Bradford titchener
c) Georg elias muller
d) Wilhelm wundt


9. Research on imageless thought was controversial because it challenged:

a) the theory of the unconscious.

b) the elementary building block approach to psychology

c) the possibility of retroactive inhibition.

d) all forms of holistic thinking.


10) Titchener identified three different elementary processes. They were:

a)) sensations, affections, and images

b)sensations, affections and behaviors

c) behaviors, reflexes and sensations

d) behaviors, reflexes and mental operations


11) Titchener believed that all associations can be reduced to the single law of:
a) similarity
b) contrast
c) Intensity
d) contiguity

12) according to the text , a system can be defined as:
a) an organized way of envisioning the world
b) an overarching theoretical construct to be studied

c) an overarching theoretical construct to be studied

d) a blueprint for a research program


13) the technical term employed by Titchener for his system of psychology was:

a) Voluntarism

b) Functionalism

c) Radical empiricism

d) Structuralism


14) James's concept of primary memory is somewhat comparable to contemporary notions ___ memory, whereas his concept of secondary memory is somewhat comparable to contemporary notions of _____ memory.

a)  short-term; long-term

b) long-term; short term

c) long-term;sensory

d) sensory; short-term


15) His book The Psychology of Industrial Efffiency marks him as one of the pioneers of industrial psychology


William James

B) G. Stanley Hall

Hugo Munsterberg

 James McKenn Cattell


16) Ontogony recapitulates phylogeny." This statement is most consistent with the ideas of:


William James

B) Leta Stetter Hollingworth

G.Stanley Hall

D) James McKeen Cattell


17) in his classic article, "the reflex arc concept in psychology" john dewey argued that

a) the reflex should be foundational  for all of psychology

b) American psychologists should pay more attention to the work of the Russian psychologist ivan Pavlov

c) we should not dissect experience or reflexes into artificial piecemeal units.


18) James position on free will and determinism is characterized most accurately by which of the following statements.

a) God does not play dice with the universe

b) my first acts of free will shall be to belive in free will

c) the ego is not masterin its own house

d) God is clever but not malicious


19) which of the following kinds of determinism would james postulate?

a) metaphysical determinism

b) methological determinism

c) strict biological determinism

d)  theological predeterminism or predestination


20) the initial reception of behaviorism would james postulate?

a) enthusiastic

b) cool or even grudging

c) enthusiastic, especially among the older psychologists, but the younger psychologists were guarded

d) cool in America, but enthusiastic in Europe

21) each of the following individuals is an important part of the history of behaviorism  except

a) julian offray de la mettrie

b) Etienne Bonnot de Condillac

c) Claude-A Helvetius

d) Immanuel kant 


22) the dog becomes drowsy or even falls asleep during conditioning. It Is most likely,in such a circumstance, that the psychologist is employing a procedure known as_____ conditioning.

a) trace

b) delayed

c) aversive

d) backward


23) stimuli similar to the original stimulus may also elicit the CR Pavlov referred to this as:

a) disinhibition

b) paradoxical inhibition

c) stimulus

d) spontaneous recovery


24) Pavlov was interested in disputing claims of

a) insight learning

b) applications  of classical conditioning to humans

c) operant conditioning

d) all of the above


25) a theory of learning known as connectionism is associated with the work of which of the following. 
a) john B Watson
b) ivan sechenov
c) robert sessions woodworth
d) Edward lee thorndike



Reference no: EM13814922

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