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SDLC in Practice
Community Action

The systems development life cycle (SDLC) provides a structured problem-solving software development methodology. What works for information system-related problems, however, also works for many business problems, too. The SDLC provides a framework that requires adherents to follow a logical sequence. This sequence promotes careful analysis and helps ensure that you are doing the right thing as well as doing the thing right. You can use the SDLC to address many business problems. Think about a problem in your community. Your community may include your campus, your work, or your neighborhood. Your instructor may provide additional guidelines. Select a problem, complete each step in turn, and prepare a report detailing each step. Due to the location-specific nature of this exercise, expect to conduct firsthand research and interviews.

a. Select a problem and quantify its effects.
b. Identify the cause or causes of the problem.
c. Describe various solutions to this problem. Include estimated costs and benefits for each solution.
d. Select a solution and prepare a plan for its implementation.
e. Identify the parties responsible for monitoring and maintaining the solution. What metrics should they use to monitor the results?

Reference no: EM131049407

Information systems development life cycle

Pick a business task you would like to computerize. How could you use the steps of the information systems development life cycle as illustrated in Figure 12.3 to help you?

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