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As Director of Information Security, you will conduct research into security mechanisms (hardware and software) that can expand and/or enhance your current security infrastructure.

1) Solution(s) should help protect against DoS (denial of service) attacks.

2) Be sure to look at Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems.

3) Look at mobile computing solutions as well.

4) Focus on a defense-in-depth (layered) approach.

Develop a strategy no more than 4-5 pages in length). The strategy should outline the various security controls that will be implemented and explain how each will be used to mitigate the internal/external security risks to your organization. Justify your choices and submit to the CIO for approval.

Stakeholders are the Director of Information Security, 8 representatives from remote sites, IT Operations manager, Resource Manager, and your vendor for equipment and software.

Criteria - Demonstrate a grasp of the problem and understanding of the key concepts - utilize diagrams and graphics as needed.

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