The stockholders equity accounts of hashmi company
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The stockholders' equity accounts of Hashmi Company at January 1, 2010, are as follows.

Preferred Stock, 6%, $50 par ............ $600,000
Common Stock, $5 par ............... 800,000
Paid-in Capital in Excess of Par Value-Preferred Stock ... 200,000
Paid-in Capital in Excess of Par Value-Common Stock ... 300,000
Retained Earnings .................. 800,000

There were no dividends in arrears on preferred stock. During 2010, the company had the following transactions and events.

July 1 Declared a $0.50 cash dividend on common stock.
Aug. 1 Discovered $25,000 understatement of 2009 depreciation. Ignore income taxes.
Sept. 1 Paid the cash dividend declared on July 1.
Dec. 1 Declared a 10% stock dividend on common stock when the market value of the stock was $18 per share.
15 Declared a 6% cash dividend on preferred stock payable January 15, 2011.
31 Determined that net income for the year was $355,000.
31 Recognized a $200,000 restriction of retained earnings for plant expansion.


(a) Journalize the transactions, events, and closing entry.

(b) Enter the beginning balances in the accounts, and post to the stockholders' equity accounts.

(c) Prepare a retained earnings statement for the year.

(d) Prepare a stockholders' equity section at December 31, 2010.

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