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Jennifer works for a large furniture store retailer as a purchasing agent. She orders a t housand leather sofas from Sofa Manufacturing Company using a purchase order form provided by the company. Sofa Manufacturing Company accepts the order by prompt shipment. Each sofa costs $650. The sofas are specially made to fit the specifications provided by Jennifer. Jennifer receives the sofas but contests the price of $650. What arguments can Sofa Manufacturing make that the Statute of Frauds is satisfied? If a court found it was not satisfied, what exceptions to the Statute of Frauds may apply?

Reference no: EM132184740

Looking at legal illusions or myths

Looking at legal illusions or myths: the separate existence of a corporation has been depicted as an illusion and myth. Reflecting on your readings and research, what do you t

Calculate the regression equation for preceding demand data

Using a weighted moving average with weights of 0.60, 0.30, and 0.10, find the July forecast. Remember to use the largest weight for the most recent month. Using the simple th

Flowchart for either preparing a meal or grocery shopping

Develop a process flowchart for either preparing a meal or grocery shopping. Use at least 5 steps. You can draw by hand and send as a scanned pdf file, use word or excel, whic

Elucidate what was the labour productivity in dollars

The seconds were sold for $96 every at a factory outlet store. The remaining 92 garments were sold to retail outlets at a price of $200 per garments. Elucidate what was the

What about shortest period of time

However, Class, when calculating proportional scores, remember that for some objectives, the "highest (or best)" value is the lower number. So, for instance, if the objective

Identify the competitive advantage of each of these firms

Identify service firms that compete on each of the four processes (process, repetitive, product, mass customization). And identify the competitive advantage of each of these f

Principal set of inputs to the company mission

Which of these is not a principal set of inputs to the company mission? demands of stakeholder groups, identification of csr auditors, managerial operating philosophy, or dete

Project planning teams use project life cycle models

Project planning teams use project life cycle models because various types of projects have differing demands. which of the following sequences of stages is most appropriate f


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