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Jennifer works for a large furniture store retailer as a purchasing agent. She orders a t housand leather sofas from Sofa Manufacturing Company using a purchase order form provided by the company. Sofa Manufacturing Company accepts the order by prompt shipment. Each sofa costs $650. The sofas are specially made to fit the specifications provided by Jennifer. Jennifer receives the sofas but contests the price of $650. What arguments can Sofa Manufacturing make that the Statute of Frauds is satisfied? If a court found it was not satisfied, what exceptions to the Statute of Frauds may apply?

Reference no: EM132184740

Primary and supporting elements

Explain the CBP (primary and supporting elements). What are the “Order Winners” that will help provide a competitive advantage? List elements that will need to be addressed to

Norning international-market-penetration strategy

Norning International (NI) states that both its past successes and future growth strategies are based on an evolving network of wholly owned businesses and joint ventures arou

Business experience did not make agreement unconscionable

Catherine (wife) and Peter (husband) Mallen had lived together unmarried for some four years when Catherine got pregnant and a marriage was arranged. Peter asked Catherine to

Reflect on the workplace capability persuasion

Describe what techniques you would use to persuade a company to select a short-term loan as a payment option. Reflect on the workplace capability persuasion and how it relates

Explain concept of strategic compensation-human resource

Discuss and explain the concept of Strategic Compensation as a component of human resource systems. Include in you discussion strategic and tactical decisions, and the role of

What is the overall trend in the performance

MountainMole Foods has decided to use the perfect order measurement approach to track its logistics performance. According to MountainMole, a perfect order is one that (1) is

Analyze the process of statistical quality control

Analyze the process of statistical quality control and determine which part of the process would be most difficult for you personally as well as what steps you could take to

The information technology outsourcing business

What recommendation would you give to the Brazialian government and it's outsourcing industry in order to improve their prospects for success in building a strong internationa


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