The sources of harassment affect the individual employee

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Reference no: EM131079504 website, look under "Employers" to find a comprehensive list of "Prohibited Practices."Choose one type of prohibited workplace practice from the list on the EEOC site.These include Job Advertisements, Recruitment, Application & Hiring, Background Checks, Job Referrals, Promotions, Pay & Benefits, Discipline & Discharge, References, Accommodations, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and more.

  1. For this assignment, identify an example of inequality you have experienced, or have heard of in a workplace (in an organization). If you have experienced one of these types yourself, feel free to share your experience. Or perhaps you are aware of someone else experiencing harassment or inequality. If you have not, then please choose a mainstream media story about an organization bias due to inequality, poor treatment, or harassment to base your assignment on as an illustration.
  2. Questions:
  3. In what ways do the sources of harassment affect the individual employee? What is the impact on the fellow workers and the entire organization?
    1. What could upper management have done to prevent an issue from arising?
    2. What can managers and supervisors do moving forward to make the workplace safer and equitable. Support your answer with resources and the textbook material.
    3. Submit a three page (minimum), written assignment. Charts and figures may be included in support of the written content.

      All written submissions should be written in APA style and formatted accordingly. This includes writing in the 3rd person, and appropriate font, spacing, citations, reference list, etc. Students are not expected to include a title page and running head until the final paper in this course.

Reference no: EM131079504

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