The socres have a distribution that is approximately normal

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1. Scores on a test have a mean of 71 and the score of 80 falls at the 75th percentile. The socres have a distribution that is approximately normal. Find the score that at the 39th percentile.

Reference no: EM13992943

Unit cost for the direct materials

What is the unit cost for the direct materials for 19x1, assuming direct materials cost is for the production of 507,000 units? A. $3.20 b. $3.80 c. $4.00 d. $4.32 128.

What is the standard error of the mean

1. Suppose that you are testing the hypotheses H0: m = 16 vs. HA: m 6 16. A sample of size 25 results in a sample mean of 16.5 and a standard deviation of 2.0. a) What is the

Working with segmented income statement

In which of the markets would you recommend that the company focus its advertising campaign? Show computations to support your answer.

Synopsis on internet fraud

Write a 400-500 words synopsis on Internet Fraud use at least three sources in your review of the topic. Your review should be similar to a "literature review lite" which c

Show in good form a schedule or t-account showing

On January 1 , 2011 , Paxton Company purchased a 70% interest in Sagon Company for $1,300,000, at which time Sagon Company had retained earnings of $500,000 and capital stoc

Ethical business issues, business need to distinguish

Although there are several legal and ethical business issues, business need to distinguish and acknowledge the issues that occur to manage properly and limited the impact th

The cash method of accounting

QUESTION 1 Accounting year end issues may be described as follows: a. The due date for a calendar year corporation return is April 15. b. All corporations must utilize a cal

Problem regarding saving for retirement

You are saving for retirement , to live comfortably, you decide you will need to save $2 million by the time you are 65. today is your 30th birthday , and you decide, starti


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