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1. Which of the following is not true?

a.) The supply chain is longer than the marketing channel.
b.) The supply chain includes the final customer. (difficult) p. 10
c.) The supply chain for women's leather purses includes the supplier of the hides and the tanning process.
d.) Marketing channels connect the marketer to the target buyer.
e.) The distribution channel is used to display or deliver the physical product or services to the buyer or user.

2. is the set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market.

a.) Marketing mix (moderate) p. 11
b.) Environmental scan
c.) Consumer behavior
d.) Business markets
e.) Consumer markets

3. When Anne Peterson began Olde Westport Spice and Trading Co., she had one product, an all- purpose seasoning mix called Olde Westport's Special Blend for adding flavor to bland casseroles. She sold 6-ounce bottles of her seasoning mix for $6.95. Her only outlets were booths at craft fairs throughout the Midwest. She relied on word-of-mouth advertising and a few feature articles in regional newspapers to tell people about her product. The above describes Olde Westport's

a.) method of exchange
b.) transaction marketing
c.) marketing tactics
d.) marketing mix (difficult) p. 11
e.) transfer marketing

4. Which of the following is NOT one of the customer's "Four Cs" as defined by Robert Lauterborn?

a.) communication
b.) customer solution
c.) commitment (moderate) p. 11
d.) customer cost
e.) convenience

5. The first computers originated for home use were only sold in kit form to technical enthusiasts who did their own assembly. Demand was high and so were prices. At that time, the firm offering these kits would likely have been using the concept.

a.) production (moderate) p. 12
b.) market
c.) technological
d.) product
e.) selling

6. Intel, one of the largest producers of integrated circuit chips, puts a great deal of effort into expanding production of chips to drive down the cost and thus expand the market. This is most indicative of the concept.

a.) production (moderate) p. 12
b.) product
c.) customer
d.) marketing
e.) societal

7. Which of the following is not a level of competition for marketers?

a.) employee competition (moderate) pp. 10-11
b.) brand competition
c.) form competition
d.) generic competition
e.) industry competition

8. Producers of unsought products like burial insurance would normally employ the concept.

a.) production
b.) product
c.) marketing
d.) selling (moderate) p. 13
e.) customer

9. In the history of the railroads, management thought that travelers wanted trains rather than transportation and overlooked the growing competition from airlines, buses, trucks, and automobiles. This was an example of marketing .

a.) vision
b.) naiveté
c.) far-sightedness
d.) relationships
e.) myopia (moderate) p. 13

10. The selling concept assumes .

a.) consumers will favor products that offer quality, performance, and innovation
b.) a company has a social responsibility for the effects of its products
c.) if left alone, consumers will ordinarily not buy enough of the organization's products (difficult) p. 13
d.) being more effective than competitors in integrating marketing activities will lead to success
e.) consumers do not have to be compelled by promotions to buy what a company is selling

11. Which is not true about the selling concept?

a.) It assumes that consumers must be coaxed into buying.
b.) It always takes into account the greater societal good. (moderate) p. 13
c.) Firms tend to practice the selling concept when they have overcapacity.
d.) The selling concept is practiced most aggressively with unsought goods.
e.) If focuses on the needs of the seller.

12. The marketing concept rests on which "four pillars"?

a.) customer needs, target market, integrated marketing, and profitability (moderate) pp. 14
b.) products, integrated marketing, sales volume, and competition
c.) customer needs, competition, sales volume, and profit
d.) product, price, promotion, and place
e.) customer needs, integrated marketing, profitability, and market focus

13. All of the following represent types of needs discussed in the text EXCEPT:

a.) delight needs
b.) real needs
c.) unreal needs (difficult) p. 14
d.) stated needs
e.) unstated needs

14. If a marketer seeks to discover and create solutions to customer needs that customers did not ask for, but respond enthusiastically to, he or she is engaged in marketing.

a.) relationship
b.) creative (moderate) p. 14
c.) responsive
d.) transaction
e.) formulated

15. When a company's departments work together to serve the customers' interests, the result is

a.) product management
b.) responsive marketing
c.) anticipative marketing
d.) integrated marketing (moderate) p. 15
e.) bad word-of-mouth communications

16. The tasks of hiring, training, and motivating able employees who want to serve customers well is part of marketing.

a.) integrated
b.) external
c.) myopic
d.) relationship
e.) internal (moderate) p. 15

17. Master marketing companies place at the top of their organizational chart.

a.) the marketing department
b.) customers (moderate) p. 15
c.) employees
d.) management
e.) target markets

18. In terms of private firms, the ultimate purpose of the marketing concept is .

a.) customer satisfaction at any costs
b.) profitability and customer satisfaction (difficult) pp. 14-16
c.) target marketing
d.) relationship marketing
e.) a competitive advantage

19. Joseph Dinetah is leading his company into becoming a marketing-oriented company. His VP of manufacturing and VP of finance don't like the idea. They fear a diminishment of product quality and too much ‘free spending' by marketers. The attitudes of the VP of finance and VP of manufacturing are examples of .

a.) the inability of old managers to learn new ideas
b.) internal marketing as a passing fad
c.) the slow learning process involved in such a conversion
d.) "fast forgetting"
e.) resistance to the marketing orientation (difficult) p. 15

20. Taking into account profitability, customer's need, and the greater societal good when marketing is called .

a.) the societal marketing concept (moderate) p. 17
b.) the selling orientation
c.) the customer concept
d.) the value proposition
e.) cause-related marketing

21. Which of the following is not true about cause-related marketing?

a.) It demonstrates good corporate citizenship.
b.) It is generally considered the same thing as the societal marketing concept. (moderate) p. 17
c.) It provides an opportunity to enhance corporate reputation.
d.) It can be used to raise brand awareness.
e.) It may result in increased consumer loyalty.

22. Which of the following statements best represents the societal marketing concept?

a.) We have developed a new, more convenient package.
b.) Target Corporation chooses to eliminate cigarette sales in their stores. (moderate) p. 17
c.) This product saves much more time for the consumer.
d.) Give the customers what they want.
e.) Sell at the lowest price.

23. For each 20 kilo bag of Ole Boy High Pro dog food that is purchased, the manufacturer makes a donation to the American Humane Society. The terms of the donation are prominently displayed on the bags and included in its print ads. The manufacturer of Ole Boy is using marketing.

a.) advocacy
b.) service
c.) nonprofit
d.) pro bono
e.) cause-related marketing (moderate) p. 17

24. A provider of lawn care hires a telemarketing company to find prospects for its services. The installer is engaged in .

a.) remarketing
b.) demarketing
c.) centralization
d.) outsourcing (moderate) p. 18
e.) relationship marketing

Reference no: EM131139500

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