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The Social Use of Media: Cultural and Social Scientific Perspectives audience research)

Be sure to mention the work of Gerbner and McRobbie. Include Gerbner's definition of media content. Describe the study in detail include the coding descriptions and results.Utilize a particular example from your own personal experience.

What does this tell you about the media/culture connection?Please answer all of the aforementioned questions in your essay. Please add in two quotes from the author. You do need to reference the chapter and text and particular page numbers you may refer to for direct quotes.

You do not need to reference other sources unless you wish to do so. If so, please cite the source in the text and in the reference section at the end of the paper. Please also include in-text citations from the chapter and reference the article.

• Essay opens with an attention-grabbing introduction, closes with thought provoking conclusion

• Essay contains a thesis statement: strong, insightful assertion that addresses topic clearly and moves beyond the predictable; takes a risk and explores issues in depth

• Essay contains at least three significant main ideas that support thesis with topic sentences

• Uses specific illustrations and examples to support main ideas

• Has clear, sophisticated organization; body paragraphs relate back to thesis

• Uses thoughtful transitions between idea

• Essay demonstrates a clear understanding of purpose and audience

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Reference no: EM13670207

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