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1. The role of management has changed over time. working with people from different cultures, regulatory norms. and holiday variances are all examples of the impact of _____.

A. Cultural adaptation

B. Globalization

C. Contingency theory

D. Social psychology

E. Economic pressure

2. Regulatory specialist would be an appropriate title for a public health worker in which of the following categories?

Health program specialist

Health educator

Health administrator

Health information specialist

3. Groups benefit from dicerstiy when they _______.

A. Mix those interested in working on teams with those not interested in working on teams

B. Mix intelligence levels

C. Allow groups to self-manage

D. Mix different types of expertise

E. Maintain uniformity in terms of assertiveness

4. A system consist of four subassemblies connected in series. The individual subassembly reliabilities are as follows:

Subassembly A = 0.98

Subassembly B = 0.85

Subassembly C = 0.90

Subassembly D = 0.88

What is the overall system reliability





5. An excellent tool that can be applied to aid in the establishment and prioritization of TPMs. It constitutes a team approach to help ensure that the voice of the customer is reflected in the ultimate design. The purpose is to establish necessary requirements and to translate the requirements into technical solutions. The process involves constructing one or more matrices used to facilitate the translation of a prioritized set of subjective customer requirements into a set of system-level requirements during the conceptual design phase.




None of the Above

6. What factor relates to system performance, availability and supportability of the system. The life cycle cost factors are the result of development cost, production and construction cost, operational and support cost and retirement and disposal cost os the system.

System Effectiveness

Functional Analysis

Total Product Maintenance

All of the Above

None of the Above

7. Some of the objectives of this process are to maximize overall effectiveness of manufacturing equipment and processes by maximizing the availability characteristics in design and to establish a life cycle approach in the performance of preventive maintenance (PM) by applying a reliability centered maintenance (RCM) approach to determine and justify the requirements for preventive maintenance based on reliability information and knowledge of physics of failure characteristics.

System Effectiveness

Functional Analysis

Total Product Maintenance

All of the Above

None of the Above

Reference no: EM132280955

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