The role of business ethics in relationships
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Question: CRM

Read the Forbes article, "The Role of Business Ethics in Relationships with Customers." Based on the content presented in the article, describe the strategic importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and discuss how CRM business ethics can be used to create customer satisfaction and greater profits for the firm.



Wisner, J.D., Tan, K.-C., & Leong, G. (2012). Principles of Supply Chain Management (3rd ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

Chapter 9: Domestic U.S. and Global Logistics

Chapter 10: Customer Relationship Management

Chapter 11: Global Location Decisions

Chapter 12: Service Response Logistics


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The assignment is about Customer relationship management and how ethical practices of an organisation influences customers to make a purchase. The assignment investigates the effect on profit for organisations which are ethical towards their customers.

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