The relationship between drugs and rap songs

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My paper is about the relationship between drugs and rap songs. More specific that is talking about snoop dogg, "The Next Episode" and Marihuana. Here is my introduction and my profesor's comment.

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When people mention American street culture, it has to be hip hop. Hip hop is so popular around the world, because hip hop presents the rebellion. Youth people don't want to be ruled by parents, school and society, youth people want their liberty. Hip hop is not a word for describing something, it is like a faith in youth people's mind. Hip hop has some main expressive styles, like dancing, music and scrawling. Hip hop is not a good thing in elder generations' mind, because hip hop is making youth people to do whatever they want. "Drinks", "Drugs", "Crazy" these words is the way to describe hip hop.

A lot of Rap songs are describing parties, the lyrics is just like to show how rich they are, how many drugs they have, how much are these drink and how many women they get. Snoop Dogg is the typical rap star who is smoking mariguana everyday, like the lyric of the song called The Next Episode he participated "Smoke weed everyday!" Youth people would think "this guy is so cool, I want to be one like him!" That's the way hip hop is, hip hop's culture is so infectious during the youth people.

So the goal of my paper is to write about the drug and drink in hip hop culture. There will be two objects in my paper, one is Snoop Dogg and his song The Next Episode and another one is Drugs and Drinks. The lyricsof The Next Episode will be the key point of extending the drug and drink culture in youth people. And I will put some of my experiences to describe the hip hop culture.

Interesting angle. Moving forward, I want you to consider why/how Snoop Dogg is able to build a culture around marijuana; that is, technically marijuana is illegal (at the federal level), and yet Snoop Dogg has made millions of dollars as an explicit supporter of smoking weed -- why? Also, this is an argumentative research paper meaning personal experience should not be used as evidence; however, you can use your experience to guide your research!

Reference no: EM131066762

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