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The quality report that I found is for Denton, TX which is only 20 miles from me. I was unable to find one for my city. Going over the report it tells you where it gets out water from which would be from lake Lewisville and Lake Ray Roberts as well as other sources. The chart at the bottom goes over the different constituents in the water such as Barium, Nitrate, lead ect. It lists the dates each was last tested on. This one is from 2014 with some of the stuff tested in 2012.  It goes over the average level of each as well as the minimum and maximum level. It tells you what the major source for each is from and if there was a violation (city of denton 2014). My view on tap water has not changed. I do not think that there is anything wrong with drinking tap water. That is what my children drink and will still do so. I drink very little water because it upsets my stomach. That has nothing to do with something being wrong with the water but my body is not used to it. If I was in charge of this area and I saw that there were some organic impurities in the water but the levels were low and it was not harmful I would do nothing. It is not going to hurt the body and a little impurities just build the immune system. If the levels were high and harmful then I would take steps to fix that. There would better control over the water pollution making sure that steps are taking to make sure that it is not happening such as fining people pretty high for doing so. Also making sure that the water is ran through more flitters because going to peoples homes and test the waters more often to make sure that everything thing is going better. The techniques would effect me by making my days much longer making sure that the water is safe to drink. I would know first hand if the water was safe for drinking or not. Knowing that means that I know to get bottled water for my children before it sells out in store. Other than that I do not think that it would do much else.



Reference no: EM13821976

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