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The progresses report is a chance to highlight and discuss any issues that you are having in meeting the project plans. Discuss any changes to the original proposal and if needed propose a renegotiate plan on what is to be achieved for the project in terms of deliverables. 
For External and Internal Students 
The document report is to be submitted in the link provided on the discussion list for the course. 
Internal Students 
For internal students on top of the submission you will also need to make a 15 minute appointment with the course leader during the report week to present and discuss your progress in person. 
Project Progress Report II 
The second project report is in regards to your progress you have made in reaching the second assignment requirements. 
The report will be 2 pages in length and contain the following sections 
• Progress in research and learning and researching the needed technologies. 
• Identify which technology and information you still need to achieve the objectives. 
• Any issues you wish to highlight regarding the project progress. 
• Any project proposal changes and rescheduling to meet the objectives. 
o Documentation and reasoning of the changes to the project 
• Identify any additional features that you will add to the project 
o Documentation and reasoning of the changes to the project

Reference no: EM13139553

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