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Consider a prof who wants to track the percentage of students absent per class period in his MGTOP 340 course throughout the semester using SPC charts. There are 80 students enrolled in the course. The attendance records are shown below. Jan 21st=70 students in class Jan 30th=69 students in class Feb 6th=74 students in class Feb 11th=66 students in class Feb 18th=74 students in class Feb 25th=68 students in class Feb 27th=80 students in class A. Determine the appropriate upper and lower control limits for the percentage of students absent. B. Is the process in control? Why? If no, are you concerned about the attendance of the class? Explain. C. The prof is concerned about the attendance on the Thursday before spring break. He is considering offering a bonus opportunity if the percentage of students absent on that day is above the upper control limit. What is the maximum number of students who can get the bonus opportunity? Show work and/or explain. Don’t use excel

Reference no: EM131036819

Linear regression forecast-exponential smoothing forecast

The don’t drink and drive mountain bike deal in the spokane area wants to be able to forecast accurately the demand for the don’t drink and drive 2120VT bike. Calculate the MA

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Cathy is a recently hired employee in the HR department at a healthcare organization. She believes the organization would benefit if it could reduce the rates and severity of

Employee as well as what is good for the employer

Imagine you are talking to a manufacturer of pleasure boats located on Whidbey Island that has nine employees. How would you respond to the question, "Do you believe benefit p


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