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PArt 1 Answer the 4 questions

A major topic of discussion today is the price of fuel. Over the past several years the price paid for a gallon of gasoline, diesel fuel, or jet fuel has been fluctuating. Indeed, all products that are derived from crude oil have been affected. In your initial post please discuss the following:

1     Why do fuel prices fluctuate?

2      There are many products use some derivative of crude oil in their production. Research five of these non-fuel or lubrication products. Do not list fuels or lubricants. List these products and state whether the price of these goods has followed the price per barrel of crude oil. If so, explain how?

3     Will the United States be able to stop using crude oil?

4     Do environmental factors such as drought have an effect upon gasoline prices?  If yes, how?

Be prepared to be challenged on your responses. Also, you must state reasons which are related only to economics and do not present an agenda. 


Part 2 Answer the 4 questions

Thoroughly read the instructions, criteria, and requirements for this assignment before you begin working on your post. Plan to enter your post as early in the week as possible. This will allow your classmates to respond to your post before the unit ends.

It seems that every day we read or hear about a change in technology - some new product or new capability. All of us probably well remember our first desktop computer. (Some of us may remember when a server occupied an entire room that had to be kept dark and cold. Technology now extends far beyond the simple PC, especially in the business world.

The changes in management information systems that affect business can be organized into three categories or themes: technology, management, and organizations. In technology, we now have cloud computing, big data and mobile platforms. Management has focused on online collaboration and social networking, business intelligence and virtual meetings. Organizations have focused on the social media, a telecommuting workforce and increased business value.

If you have used XenDesktop here at ECPI, then you have used cloud computing. We have all used some form of social media in the last year, probably in the last few minutes. And, we all carry around some form of mobile device. We use MIS whether we know it or not! For this discussion forum, respond to the following points:

  1. Give an example, other than XenDesktop, of how you have used or might use cloud computing here in school or at work.
  2. How might cloud computing save a business money and time?
  3. What MIS tools allow workers to work remotely and telecommute?
  4. Identify any challenges or issues that companies might have with workers who telecommute.

Reference no: EM13846566

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