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Resource: The Practice of Public Relations textbook,University Library, Internet

Select one of the following case studies located in The Practice of Public Relations.

  • Walmart's Bribery Shutdown, Chapter 3
  • Rise and Fall of Queen Martha, Chapter 4
  • Ronald McDonald's Brush with Antisocial Media, Chapter 10
  • Carnival Crisis Cruise, Chapter 17

Answer and prepare an analysis for the following questions in which you evaluate the effectiveness of communication between an organization and its publics.

  1. Create a table or brief outline identifying the internal and external publics involved in the case study. Answer in 175 to 260 words.
  2. Expand on the table/outline created in #1 and add:  What public relations communications tools and techniques were used to inform, influence and motivate the public(s)? Answer in 350 words.
  3. What impact did the communications used by the organization have on the intended publics? Provide at least three specific examples.  Answer in 260 to 350 words.
  4. How could the message have been communicated more effectively?  Discuss at least two tools that could have been used to improve the effectiveness of the public relations communications.  Answer in 525 to 700 words.

Format your analysis consistent with APA guidelines.

Reference no: EM131117526

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