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1. A trend that has increased the potential for international business opportunities

A. A better understanding of environmental impact

B. An increase in the number of nations who economies are becoming more market-based

C. A decrease in exposure of working conditions in developing countries

D. A greater willingness by banks to lend money to undeveloped countries

2. Which of the following work based learning models will best enable students to gain relevant experience in a career of choice before working in the career.

A. Mentoring

B. Job Shadowing

C. Career Preparation

D. Internship

3. Which of the following is the best classification of a week-long, work base learning opportunity?

A. Praticum

B. Externship

C. Observership

D. Apprenticeship

4. For innovations to be successful, the product needs to be of quality, the product needs to make sense economically, and the market needs to have a demand for it. What type of team does Ford most likely need to build to satisfy these criteria?

a. Matrix

b. Cross-functional product development teams

c. Research and development teams

d. Design teams

5. A company wants to determine how industry effects have affected its profitability. Which of the following elements should the company focus on?

The barriers to entry and exit within the industry

The pricing method opted by the managers to face competition within the industry

The brand strategy the managers adopt to establish the firm in the industry

The strategic position the firm pursues within the industry

Reference no: EM132279795

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