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All companies must develop an operations strategy that will help them reach their company year-end goals. Designing a working system is one of the most efficient strategies companies use. This system includes job design, measurement, and worker compensation (Reid & Sanders, 2016). Every employee is given daily, weekly, or monthly task that is designed to meet goals. For example, Mc Donald’s is a franchise that must be operated the same under different management. Therefore, employees in the back make the food, register employees take the customers order and managers will conduct the bookkeeping for the store. In addition, General Managers will oversee the complete store operations which includes company bank deposits and JIT system. If employees contribute to Mc Donald’s daily operations, the individual stores will meet company goals.

Describe factors affecting the work environment of the business selected in Q1 that must be considered in improving their existing work systems design.

The physical environment of a workplace greatly affects the positivity within the restaurant. Great energy can be created by an attractive, comfortable physical environment. This energy ultimately enhances productivity and success (Pelliccio, 2019). Allowing employees to interact during the downtime at the work site will motivate them and increase the company’s productivity and morale. Although Mc Donald’s, just like any restaurant has its peak hours, however, the environment continues to be supportive and consistent. Employees are pleasant, and customers are happy because their food can be fulfilled during any time of the day without any interruptions. There are enough employees scheduled at the right times to cover every individual while they have their required time off to regroup which reduces stress levels at work and increases productivity. Mc. Donald’s can improve in their drive-through department because they have extremely long lines that sometimes reaches the main road causing traffic and a possible car accident. They should have staff designated for that department instead of using the same staff that helps the walk-in customers. When a company has limited staff with employees helping out in every department, it causes stress for the customers, employees, and causing a major loss for the company due to the decrease in sales.

Reference no: EM132280545

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