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Question 1: Mosaic Labs has developed a chemical compound that prevents mildew in even the most humid climates. The week after the compound was invented, a group of the firm's employees got together and listed ways the product might be used. This is an example of:

quality control.

concept testing.


venture group activities.


Question 2: Maureen purchased a package of Bounce fabric sheets with Febreeze citrus scent. Since both brands were prominently listed on the package, this would be an example of:

equity branding.


conjunctive branding.

private branding.

complementary branding.

Question 3: Kathy purchased an Amazon Kindle e-book reader as soon as they came on to the market. She paid $399 for the product, which she bought the first day it was released. Kathy works in Information technology and is always looking for new electronic products to buy. She would best be described as a(n):

early adopter.

early majority.



lead consumer.

Question 4: Procter & Gamble manufactures Tide laundry detergent, the best-selling brand in the United States. But it also offers Tide to Go, which is a stick product consumers can use to clean a spot on their clothing between washings, and small travel packets of Tide detergent. These other products are part of Tide's product line:






Question 5: When Procter & Gamble removed potentially dangerous dyes and chemicals from its Tide detergent product and introduced Tide Free, the company was making a(n):

product line contraction.

quality modification.

aesthetics modification.

obsolescence factor.

functional modification.

Question 6: The statement on a toothpaste box that brushing twice a day with the paste will remove 90 percent of all tartar from the user's teeth is an example of a(n):

implied warranty.

functional label.

UPC disclaimer.

express warranty.

universal warranty.

Question 7: When selecting a test market city, a researcher should look for a city:

where the demographics and purchasing habits mirror the overall market for the product.

that has media spillover from other cities to increase media alternatives.

that is as large as possible.

that has limited distribution.

where there is little or no competition.

Question 8: Mia's new raincoat contains a label that reads, "Professional Dry Clean Only." This is an example of a(n) __________ label.


union mandated




Question 9: A European dairy that is famous for its rich ice creams has introduced basil-, tomato-, fennel-, and oregano-flavored ice creams. In the process of developing these new flavors, the dairy surveyed world-famous chefs to determine which nontraditional flavors had the greatest level of marketability. This survey would have happened during which stage of the product development process?

Concept testing


Basic research

Idea screening

Applied research

Question 10: Andrea needs to find a kennel for boarding her son's dogs. There are several different kennels in her community, and Andrea believes all of them to be basically alike. The only feature she is genuinely concerned about is low price. For Andrea, the kennel for boarding dogs would be classified as a(n) _________ product.



heterogeneous shopping

basic convenience

homogeneous shopping

Question 11: At the beginning of the maturity stage of the product life cycle, sales typically:

become flat and do not change.

increase at an increasing rate.

decrease at a decreasing rate.

decrease at an increasing rate.

increase at a decreasing rate.

Question 12: Along with its Macintosh computer line, Apple markets its iPod, iPhone, and AppleTV products. This is an abbreviated listing of the company's:

customer mix.

product line.

product mix.

line depth.

product modification.

Question 13: For years, Diet Dr. Pepper has been considered a diet drink. After declining sales, the company is attempting to present Diet Dr. Pepper as an alternative to having a dessert. This is an example of a ________ strategy.

discontinuous innovation


new product line



Question 14: According to recent market research, Google is one of the most valuable brands in the world. According to this research, the company and its well-known name are worth about $100 billion. This research indicates that Google has a high:

brand loyalty hierarchy.

evoked set.

brand quality standard.

perceptual expectation.

brand equity.

Question 15: The main goal of the global product development process is to:

come up with a single standard product or product line suitable for all global markets.

expand the number of different new product offerings so that individual country needs are more likely to be met.

develop every product for potential worldwide distribution and adaptation to other countries.

come up with new product ideas in the United States and use global markets as test markets.

repeat the steps in the process with marketing teams in each and every foreign market targeted.

Question 16: Cover Girl and Revlon are both recognized as leading manufacturers of cosmetics. Both companies have recently introduced cosmetics for the over-50 woman who does not have the same concerns as a 20-year-old. The introductions of these cosmetics are examples of the implementation of a __________ strategy.

portfolio breadth expansion

product portfolio width adjustment

product item contraction

product line extension

repositioned marketing mix

Question 17: The phase of the product life cycle in which healthy profits usually begin to appear is the _______ stage.






Question 18: Evan Zimmerman loves watches. He collects vintage Rolex sport models made between 1950 and 1960. He paid $1,500 for his first watch in 2000. Now the watch is worth $15,000. For Evan, the vintage watches are an example of a(n) ________ product.






Question 19: The process by which the adoption of 3D HD televisions spread is an example of:

test marketing.


product dissemination.

innovative dispersal.

marketing communication.

Question 20: Heinz is expected to introduce more than 400 new products in the next two years. One of the products is a spicier kethchup aimed at the baby boomer market. The spicier ketchup would be considered what type of new product?

Discontinuous innovation

New to market

New product line

Lower priced

Addition to existing product line

Reference no: EM13731945

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