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St. John's hospital is a small hospital in Lakeview, FL. St. John's began a new process to make sure patients receive the hottest meals possible. St. John's food service manager plans to deliver meals in bulk to three recently installed serving stations in the hospital. From the serving stations, the food will be reheated, and meals will be placed on individual trays, placed on a cart, and served to the patients on the different floors and wings of the hospital. 
The three serving stations have been strategically placed throughout the hospital for optimal efficiency. The table below presents the location name and the meal capacity at each location.
Station Location Meal Capacity
SL1 225
SL2 225
SL3 250
Saint John's Hospital has six wings with the number of patients each as follows:
Wing 1 Wing 2 Wing 3 Wing 4 Wing 5 Wing 6
Patients 100 100 150 200 70 80
Saint John's Hospital wants to increase the temperature of the meals served to patients. Thus, the amount of time needed to deliver a tray from a serving station to a patient determines the proper distribution of food to each wing. The time associated with each possible distribution from station to wing is listed in the table below. 
Delivery Time in Minutes
Wing 1 Wing 2 Wing 3 Wing 4 Wing 5 Wing 6

5A 12 11 8 9 9 6
3G 6 12 7 7 5 8
1S 8 9 6 6 7 9
What is your recommendation for handling the distribution of trays from the three serving stations (Show all work for maximum credit)?  

Reference no: EM13812505

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