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1. A partnership showed th following balances: sales, 70 000; cost of sales. 40 000; operating expenses, 10 000; partners' salaries, 13 000; interest paid to banks, 2 000 and partners' drawings, 8 000. The partnership profit is? 

Reference no: EM131011217

Weaknesses in consports expenditure cycle

Identify weaknesses in Consports expenditure cycle, explain the resulting problem, and suggest a control procedure that would best prevent or detect and correct each weaknes

Evaluating the creditworthiness of the organization

Evaluating the creditworthiness of the organization. Determining a company's ability to pay its debts when they are due. Showing the relationship of net income to changes in c

Amount of current assets

Assume total liabilities are $40,000, total stockholders' equity $75,000, and all assets, other than current assets, total $50,000. What would be the amount of current asset

Depreciation difference and warranty expense

Neer's income statement also included $225,000 accrued warranty expense that will be deducted for tax purposes when paid. Neer's enacted tax rates are 30% for 2007 and 2008,

Describe two business sectors you might want to work in

Research a specific company in one of the business sectors that interests you and describe how you imagine it might be to work there. Use 100 to 150 words for your description

Motorola mobility holdings inc (mmi) requires critical

Deciding whether or not to invest in Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. (MMI) requires critical and creative thinking. Research provides a greater understanding of business tre

Describe independent auditors concept of materiality

Briefly describe independent auditors' concept of materiality. Describe some common relationships and other considerations used by auditors when assessing the dollar amount

Deduction associated with the charitable activity

In addition, she incurred the following costs in connection with the trip: $600 for transportation, $1,200 for lodging, and $400 for meals. What is Emily's deduction associa


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