The organizational role of the safety professional

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Article Critique

The Article Critique for this course must be a minimum of two pages to a maximum of four pages in length, double- spaced, and must follow APA style. You are to choose from the journals and articles available in our CSU Library Databases. The article may deal with any of the material presented in the first three units of this course. However, if you have a specific area of interest that is covered later in the course, you may ask for professor approval. The article itself must be more than one page in length. The Article Critique must include the following components:

1. A brief introduction to the article

2. Summary and analysis of the key points in the article

3. Whether or not the article supports the concepts as presented in the textbook

4. Summary of the article's conclusions and your own opinions

5. Full APA reference citation and in-text citations for the article Some suggested topics might be:

• The organizational role of the safety professional

• The "business" of safety

• Hazard avoidance models

• Current regulatory trends in Occupational Safety and Health

• The safety professional's role in disaster preparedness

• Workplace standards

• Current occupational health issues The EBSCO Database (Business Source Complete) is a good source of journals for safety related articles from the CSU Online Library

Reference no: EM13773895

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