The most famous hominin fossil named lucy

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1. The most famous hominin fossil named lucy is the most studied examples of
A. Austtralopithecus robustus
B. Austtralopithecus garhi
C. Australopithecus afarensis
D. Australopithecus bahrelghazali

2. What feature best characterizes the robust group of Australopithecus?
A. thier extreme specializations for eating hard objects
B. thier anatomical feature that suggest at least some dependency on
C. the anatomical feature they share with homo erectus
D. thier exceptionally large brain size

3. Which statement accurately describes the general scientific consensus
regarding the evolutionary relationship among early hominins?
A. Scientist generally agree that there is a single identifiable hominin lineage in
which Australopithecus afarensis gave rise to Sahelanthropus tchadensis,
which eventually became the genus Homo.
B. Most scientist agree that neither Australopithecus anamensis nor
Australopithecus garhi coukd have been ancestors of the genus Homo
C. Most scientist agree that Australopithecus robustus was ancestors of the
genus Homo
D. There are a number of plausible explanations and there is no single model
that scientist agree on.

4. Which anatomical leg structure best illustrates a features that is useful for
A. A femur that does not connect to a patella
B. A femur that is larger near the hip than the near the knee
C. A femur that descends straight down from the side of the pelvis
D. A femur that angles from the hip to the knee

5. What is one negative impact of the structural changes that allow for
A. Frequent headaches
B. Frequent lower back pain
C. increased incidents of osteoporosis
D. increased incidents of arthritis

6. How might environmenal changes have contributed to the rise of bipedalism?
A. The widespread occurrence of glaciers may have contributed to bipedalism
because walking upright on ice is easier than walking on all fours.
B. The expansion of the grasslands and shrinking forest caused hominins to
have to travel further for food, leading them to the most efficient
transport strategy.
C. The increase in heavy rainfall caused hominins to walk upright in order
to ford the increasingly common waterways more easily.
D. The expansion of tropical jungle caused early hominins to walk upright in
order to more easily make thier way through thick underbrush.

7. The primary tools of the oldowan industry were
A. Cores and flakes
B. Hammers
C. Picks and shovels
C. Cooking utensils

8. -------------appeared in Africa about 1.8 to 1.9 million years ago and was the
first hominin to leave the continent
A. Homo rudolfensis
B. Homo ergaster
C. Homo habilis
D. Homo erectus

9. What would an area littered with animal remains that have cut marks
from stone tools indicate?
A. The area was a breeding ground
B. The area was a pre-modern farm.
C. The area was a butchering site
D. The area was a quarrying site

10. Which statement below best characterizes the skull of Homo erectus?
A. It is composed of rather thin, delicate bone.
B. It looks pentagonal when looking at it from the back
C. It is remarkable in that it is almost perfectly spherical
D. It lacks both the supraorbital torus and angular torus that are common
in other hominin skulls

11. Why is the discovery of the Knm-wt 15000 skeleton, also known as the
Nariokotome boy, so important?
A. it is the only Homo erectus skeleton to be found with a stone tool in
its hand.
B. it is the only Homo erectus fossil to provide evidence of that hominins
brain size
C. It is one of only three Homo erectus fossil that includes the skull and
D. It is one of only three Homo erectus post-cranial skeletons found and
it is remarkably complete

12. An anthropologist has found a fossil specimen that has a larger
braincase, a small and less projecting face, small teeth, a large body,
and small arms. This anthropologist find best illustrate which grnus?
A. Australopithecus
B. Homo
C. Sahelanthropus
D. Orrorin

13. An archeologist specializing in stone tools has found a site where it
apperas early humans ate thier butchered carcasses, slept and made
stone tools. This archeoologist find best illustrates a:
A. Quarrying site
B. butchering site
C. homo base
D. Scavenging area

14. What is the significance of finding animal tooth marks underneath the
cut marks of early humans on fossillized animal remains?
A. Early hominins worked with large domesticated predators to bring
down prey
B. Early hominins had a cultural or religious interest in gathering animal
bones for ceremonies
C. Early hominins used animal carcases to sharpen thier tools
D. Early hominins were scavengers at least some of the time

15. Neandertal remains are most abundant on which continent?
A. Australia
B. Africa
C. Europe
D. South america

16. Which sentence best describes archaic H. sapiens?
A.They are definetly the ancestors of modern H.sapiens
B.They may or may not be the ancestors of modern H. sapiens
C.They are definitely the ancestors of H. erectus
D. They may or may not be the ancestors of H. erectus

17. A popular argument for why Neandertals have such prognatic faces
and large noses is that they needed these features to:
A. Better attract mates
B. Spot and track big game
C. Survive more comfortably in cold climates
D. Provide more structural support for thier large brains

18. What best characterizes the upper paleolithic tool industry?
A. Reliance on blade-based technology
B. The invention of the hand axe
C. Extensive utilization of hammerstones
D. The abandonment of stone tools

19. Why do ''splitters'' argue for designating Neandertals as Homo
A. Interbreeding between Neandertals and modern humans did not
occur despite the groups spatial and temporal coexistence
B.Labeling them such would lend weight to the argument that modern
humans are direcctly descended from Neandertals
C. Neandertals distinctive anatomy and limited geographic distribution
indicates a specialize hominin taxon
D. Such a designation would provide the Neander valley with an
appropriate recognition

20. A skull found to be 10,000 years old, with a 1,350 cc brain
capacity, bulbous and gracile shape, and rounded occipital regions
most likely is a member of which species?
A. H. erectus
B. H. neandertalensis
C. H. heidelbergensis
D. H. sapiens

21. Which of the following Neandertal behavior illustrate a new
behavioral development that emerged in thwe middle Paleolithic?
A. Burials
B. Use of stone tools
C. Hunting
D.Living in small groups

22. Evidence from both mitochondrial Dna and the Y chromosomes
indicate that the most recent common ancestors for modern human
lived around years ago.
A. 10,000-20,000
B. 100,000-180,00
C. 280,000-600,000
D. 365,000-853,0006

23. According to the replacement model of the emergence of modern
humans the geographic variation seen among modern humans today
A. Before the evolution of anatomically modern humans
B. alongside the emergence of anatomically modern humans
C. Recently, after the origin of anatomically modern humans
D. Very recently- only in the last several huindred years

24. Modern humans exploited a wider variety of foods than neandertals,
and eventually developed agriculture, both of which:
A. Helped modern humans increase populations growth
B. Led to increased brain size among modern humans
C. Allowed modern humans to live outside of tropical areas
D. Forced modern humans to migrate much more than Neandertals did

25. What may be the most striking differences between later modern
humans and earlier hominins?
A. Unlike earlier hominins, modern humans used a smaller variety of
weapons, but the weapons they had were more effective
B. Unlike earklier hominins, modern humans had a less varied diet
C. Unlike earlier hominins, modern humans made extensive use of
D. Unlike earlier hominins, modern humans did not engage in
complex burial rituals for thier dead

Reference no: EM13709287

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