The mileages of the cars in a randomly selected parking lot

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Suppose the mileages of the cars in a randomly selected parking lot follow the normal distribution. 1,000 cars in the parking lot are surveyed and the average or mean mileage is 30,000 on those cars. If the standard deviation is 5,000, how many cars would fall in the range of mileage of 25,000 to 35,000 approximately? (use 68% for the 1 SD coverage and 96% for 2 SD)

Reference no: EM13203879

Calculate the system parameter matrices

Calculate the system parameter matrices and A linear transformation is applied to the image on the left and we got the image on the right. Find the applied linear transformat

Legislative influences on the labor relations process

Create a chart to compare and contrast the major legislative influences on the labor relations process. Your chart must contain at least five major legislative acts and how

Find the standard deviation of the sample

Suppose that the sample is enlarged to 14 measurements, by including two additional measurements having a common value of 27 each. Find the standard deviation of the sample

What are the probabilities that xassumes each of these value

Two people are to meet in the park. Each person is equally likely to arrive, independent of the other, at 2:00, 2:30, or 3:00 p.m. Let Xequal the time that the first person

Vice president and treasurer

Q:Alice, Ben, Connie, Doug, Ed, Fred, Grace, Hugo, Icabod, Jed and Ken are in a club. They will elect a President, Vice President and Treasurer.FindA) If Grace can not be Pres

Estimating linear equations and inequalities

Give 3 real-world examples where something is increasing at a constant rate or decreasing at a constant rate. The starting amount would be the y-intercept, "b", and the rate

Find the dimensions of the corral with maximum area

Suppose that 560 ft of fencing is used to enclose a corral in the shape of a rectangle with a semicircle whose diameter is a side of the rectangle. (In the blue outline repr

Convex subset and lipshitz condition

Let E be an open and convex subset of R^n and let f in C^1(E). Show that f satisfies the Lipschitz condition on E if and only if its derivative Df is bounded on E, that is,


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