The media exercises influence by

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The media exercises influence by

a. setting the agenda for what we watch and read

b. the content of their stories

c. swaying what we think

d. all of the above

An interpretive style of reporting the news

a. carries an obvious partisan bias

b. always provides a dramatic theme

c. analyzes and explains developments in the news rather than merely reporting them

d. permits journalists to shape the news to fit their own views, including their own views, including their skeptical opinion of politicians' motives and accomplishments

e. c and d only   

Desire for profit-making as well as increasing audience market-share encourage the media to

a. keep public policy issues at the top of the news coverage agenda

b. prefer dramatic news stories

c. shun sensational stories

d. provide the public with a clear understanding of what is broadly at issue in politics

Reference no: EM13268766

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