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1.) The mean number of English courses taken in a two-year time period by male and female college students is believed to be about the same. An experiment is conducted and data are collected from 29 males and 16 females. The males took an average of three English courses with a standard deviation of 0.8. The females took an average of four English courses with a standard deviation of 1.0. Are the means statistically the same? 2.) A student at a four-year college claims that mean enrollment at four-year colleges is higher than at two-year colleges in the United States. Two surveys are conducted. Of the 35 two-year colleges surveyed, the mean enrollment was 5,068 with a standard deviation of 4,777. Of the 35 four-year colleges surveyed, the mean enrollment was 5,466 with a standard deviation of 8,191. I need these to be solved showing all the work, no calculators "These are to be complete Hypothesis test starting with Ho & Ha and ending with a decision based on the rejection region or the p-value." "Find Z (crit) for two tail test withα =.05" 

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