The mayor opened contract talks with the union

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1) Sentence Type:

For each lettered item, write a simple, a compound, and a complex sentence that incorporates both items of information. For the complex sentences, emphasize the first idea in each item.

  • Tim was given a promotion/Tim was assigned additional duties.
  • Eileen is our corporate counsel/Eileen will  write the letter on our behalf.

2)Using Nondiscriminatory Language:

Revise the following sentences to eliminate discriminatory language.

  • The mayor opened contract talks with the union representing local policemen.
  • While the salesmen are at the convention, their wives will be treated to a tour of the city's landmarks.
  • Our company gives each foreman the day off on his birthday.
  • Our public relations director, Heather Marshall,  will ask her young secretary, Bonita Carwell, to take notes during the  president's speech.
  • Neither Rev. Batista nor his secretary, Doris  Hawkins, had met the new family.

Reference no: EM13972774

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