The marketing implications of maslows hierarchy theory

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Please discuss and define the following:

Focus on the Marketing Implications of Maslow's Hierarchy Theory.

The Practical Applications and how Maslow's basic principles link marketing to human psychology still remain valid to this day.

Elaborate on Potential Psychological Factors that tends to Influence Consumer Buying Behavior. And how marketing as a whole contributes to consumerism.

Highlight and define the Consumer Perception Theory; and also link it with Perception, Attention, Distortion and Retention in consumer behavior.

End it with explaining how everything previously mention coincide with one another and link to Aristotle's "Seven Causes of Human Action".

Please be sure to define marketing, Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, Perception, Attention, Distortion and Retention, and Aristotle's "Seven Causes of Human Action".

6.5 pages of full content (not including abstract and conclusion)

APA Format

12 Point Times New Roman

Please cite the sources within the essay

Minimum of 6 sources

Reference no: EM131523775

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