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(1). Which of the following is not legislation that has impacted supply management in the United
(a). Caustic Waste Superfund Cleanup Act,
(b). Clean Air Act,
(c). Superfund Law,
(d). Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA).

(2). When all or part of a shipment received from a supplier is nonconforming, the buyer has the right
under the UCC to all of the following except:
(a). Hold the material for future determination,
(b). Repair the material,
(c). Use the material as is,
(d). Completely or partially reject the material.

(3). Which of the following bullets in the list does not reflect a Global Sullivan Principle?
(a). Express support for universal human rights,
(b). Promote equal opportunity,
(c). Respect voluntary freedom of association,
(d). Use bribery in foreign countries when necessary and ethical acceptable based on
cultural customs.

(4). Which of the following is not a typical prerequisite to successful cross-functional teams?
(a). Executive sponsorship,
(b). Qualified team members,
(c). Adequate time,
(d). Overtime hours,
(e). Inter-firm teams.

(5). Which of the following points does not describe part of the evolution of quality management?
(a). Prior to 1980s, the gurus of quality influenced corporate disciples,
(b). The corporate disciples in turn influenced corporate philosophies that increased the
importance of quality management,
(c). The corporate disciples influenced the quality gurus,
(d). The corporate philosophy has essentially driven the selection of a management system.

(6). Which of the following is not one of Deming's fourteen points?
(a). Improve constantly and forever the system of production and service,
(b). Institute training on the job,
(c). Adopt and institute modern methods of supervision & leadership,
(d). Use inspection to ensure zero defects.

(7). Which of the following is not a key law or regulation that impacts supply management in the
(a). Uniform Commercial Code,
(b). The Clinton Act,
(c). The Clayton Act,
(d). The Robinson-Patman Act.

(8). A purchase contract must have certain considerations to be legal. Which of the following is not
one of these considerations?
(a). Agreement,
(b). Signers must be over 21,
(c). Consideration, or mutual obligation,
(d). Competent parties.

(9). Which of the following issues are not addressed by the Contracts for the International Sale of
Goods (CISG)?
(a). Acceptance of an offer,
(b). Contract price,
(c). Revocation of an offer,
(d). Language used in written contract.

(10). Which of the following is not a recognized quality management approach?
(a). Total Quality Management (TQM),
(b). Continuous Improvement,
(c). Six Sigma.
(d). Quality Ensured in the Supply Triangle (QEST).

(11). Which of the following is not one of the seven wastes?
(a). All processing,
(b). Overproduction,
(c). Unneeded motion,
(d). Unneeded transportation.

(12). Which of the following is not a quality award?
(a). Malcolm Baldridge Award,
(b). European Quality Award,
(c). ISO 9000,
(d). Deming Prize.

(13). In the investigation phase, the development of alternatives encompasses all of the following
consideration, except one. Which does not belong to the list?
(a). Value analysis,
(b). Suitability,
(c). Producibility,
(d). Component availability.

(14). Which of the following is not associated with the development phase of the design process?
(a). Development of prototypes,
(b). Design reviews,
(c). Qualification testing,
(d). Value analysis.

(15). Which of the following is not true about risk sharing in government contracts?
(a). Government usually wants the seller to assume all technical and cost risk,
(b). In situations where the risk if high, the supplier must add large contingency sums in the
(c). Government supply managers should consider sharing the risk cost through reimbursement
and/or incentive contracts,
(d). Government supply managers should consider sharing the risk cost through fixed firm

(16). Which of the following is generally not true about government contracts?
(a). The contract may be terminated for default,
(b). The contract may be terminated for not fulfilling the terms of the contract,
(c). The government may not terminate a contract for its convenience,
(d). The government may debar, suspend, or declare ineligible an errant contractor.

(17). Which of the following does not fit within the code of ethics for government service?
(a). Make private promises only when needed,
(b). Engage in business with the Government,
(c). Never use any information gained confidentially in the performance of Government duties
as a means for making private profit,
(d). Expose corruption wherever discovered.

(18). Which of the following activities is typically not conducted in the production phase of the design
(a). Process Control,
(b). Material Availability Research,
(c). In Process & Final Testing,
(d). Adjust and calibrate the performance.

(19). Which of the following questions does not typically belong on a value-engineering checklist?
(a). Can the item be eliminated?,
(b). Can the product quality be lowered to reach a lower price point?,
(c). If the item is not standard, can a standard item be used?,
(d). If it is a standard item, does it completely fit the application, or is it a misfit?

(20). All of the following are considerations when assessing technical risk except:
(a). Type and complexity of the item or service,
(b). Supply and demand patterns of the marketplace,
(c). Stability of design specifications or statement of work,
(d). Availability of historical pricing data.

(21). In the PDCA Cycle the D stands for which of the following?
(a). Document,
(b). Do,
(c). Develop,
(d). Describe.

(22). Which of the following is not one of the seven wastes as interpreted by Honda?
(a). Waste in the Work Itself,
(b). Process Time,
(c). Inventory,
(d). Wasted Operator Movement.

(23). Which of the following is not a class of manufacturing inventory?
(a). Raw Materials,
(b). Finished Goods,
(c). In-process Goods,
(d). Stored Materials.

(24). A listing of Intermediate Predecessor activities is important information in a Single Time Estimate
CPM analysis for which of the following reasons?
(a). It makes it possible to understand the relationship of the CPM network of activities,
(b). It provides useful timing information,
(c). It includes cost information,
(d). It is the probability information in the final step of the CPM.

(25). In an MRP program, the program accesses the status of any file in specific time periods called
which of the following?
(a). Cubed time units,
(b). Time buckets,
(c). BOM units,
(d). Modular units.

Reference no: EM13801076

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