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Purchase Money Security Interest:
Prior Brothers, Inc. (PBI) began financing its farming operations through Bank of California, N.A. (Bank). Bank's loans were secured by PBI's equipment and after-acquired property. Bank immediately filed a financing statement, perfecting its security interest. Two years later, PBI contacted the International Harvester dealership in Sunny-side, Washington, about the purchase of a new tractor. A retail installment contract for a model 1066 International Harvester tractor was executed. PBI took delivery of the tractor "on approval," agreeing that if it decided to purchase the tractor, it would inform the dealership of its intention and would send a $6,000 down payment. The dealership received a $6,000 check. The dealership immediately filed a financing statement concerning the tractor. Subsequently, when PBI went into receivership, the dealership filed a complaint, asking the court to declare that its purchase money security interest in the tractor had priority over Bank's security interest. Does it? In the Matter of Prior Brothers, Inc., 29 Wn.App. 905, 632 P.2d 522, Web 1981 Wash.App. Lexis 2507 (Court of Appeals of Washington)

Question 27.7 Buyer in the Ordinary Course of Business Heritage Ford Lincoln Mercury, Inc. (Heritage) was in the business of selling new cars. Heritage entered into an agreement with Ford Motor Credit Company (Ford), whereby Ford extended a continuing line of credit to Heritage to purchase vehicles. Heritage granted Ford a purchase money security interest in all motor vehicles it owned and thereafter acquired and in all proceeds from the sale of such motor vehicles. Ford immediately filed its financing statement with the secretary of state. When the dealership experienced financial trouble, two Heritage officers decided to double finance certain new cars by issuing dealer papers to themselves and obtaining financing for two new cars from First National Bank & Trust Company of El Dorado (Bank). The loan proceeds were deposited in the dealership's account to help with its financial difficulties. The cars were available for sale. When the dealership closed its doors and turned over the car inventory to Ford, Bank alleged that it had priority over Ford because the Heritage officers were buyers in the ordinary course of business. Who wins? First National Bank and Trust Company of El Dorado v. Ford Motor Credit Company, 231 Kan. 431, 646 P.2d 1057, Web 1982 Kan. Lexis 280 (Supreme Court of Kansas) 

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